Coolerado Indirect Direct Evaporative Coolers

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It’s a whole new way to cool using indirect evaporative cooling technology. Instead of using chemical refrigerants and compressors to cool recycled interior air, we use a new, patented process that runs fresh outside air through air filters and then a heat mass exchanger (HMX). This unique process delivers more comfortable, breathable air using one-tenth of the energy of typical air conditioners. Even Dad would be impressed.


  • M50 - side discharge
  • M50 – down discharge
  • M30 – side discharge
  • C60 - side discharge


Download C60 Brochure Click here to download C60 Brochure
Download M30 Brochure Click here to download M30 Brochure
Download M50 Brochure Click here to download M50 Brochure

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