Braemar RPC / RPB Series



Braemar RPC / RPB Series

Braemar RPC/RPB Series Direct, Industrial Evaporative Coolers

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The reliable and effective RPC/RPB series evaporative air coolers are proven performers for heavy duty industrial and commercial cooling. They have long been preferred by mechanical contractors for their outstanding reliability and cost effectiveness. Installed in a myriad of applications, these coolers have provided low cost, low energy and maintenance cooling year after year.


  • RPC450 (Model Number: 073552) – Down Discharge
  • RPB600 (Model Number: 087115) - Down Discharge
  • RPB600 (Model Number: 087139) – Side Discharge
  • RPB600 (Model Number: 087153) - Top Discharge
  • RPB900 (Model Number: 087252) – Side Discharge
  • RPB900 (Model Number: 087238) – Down Discharge
  • RPB900 (Model Number: 087276) – Top Discharge
  • RPB1300 (Model Number: 087436) – Side Discharge
  • RPB1300 (Model Number: 087412) – Down Discharge
  • RPB1300 (Model Number: 087450) – Top Discharge
  • RPB1500 (Model Number: 087559) – Side Discharge
  • RPB1500 (Model Number: 087535) – Down Discharge
  • RPB1500 (Model Number: 087573) – Top Discharge
  • RPB1800 (Model Number: 087610) – Side Discharge
  • RPB1800 (Model Number: 087597) - Down Discharge
  • RPB1800 (Model Number: 087634) – Top Discharge


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